This is NorgesGruppen

Our vision to provide you with a better everyday life is going to be realised by providing service, staying competitive, giving inspiration, ensuring quality and supplying food you can trust.

NorgesGruppen’s business idea is to be a leading wholesale and retail company within consumer products in Scandinavia, with focus on Norway. The customers’ needs are going to be what drives the company, and our business is going to focus on foresight, trust, competence, effectiveness and profitability in the whole value chain.

The key values for NorgesGruppen are to be responsible, customer-oriented and ready to cooperate. We will always act in a fair and credible way, and we will, through our actions, create trust and security. We will ensure a holistic perspective through the whole value chain. Further, adjustments will be made for independent retail-owners and good business acumen.

We will inspire initiative, participation and prosperity to the employees. Our national business operations forms an important foundation for the local value creation in the Norwegian society. A total of 1,850 grocery stores, spread all over the country, where about 60 percent are independent retailers, offering food-and drinking products, ranging all over the spectre from large international suppliers to local Norwegian suppliers. 

The independent retailers contribute to creating value and jobs in the local community. Documentation shows that keeping a local store is important to stop emigration fromthe districts. Effective product delivery gives the consumers lower prices and a wider selection of products. Independent retailers get lower costs and a higher turnover of products in the stores.

NorgesGruppen is operating in an industry with its core business being in the retail-store sector, in addition to services and institutional catering. Chain management for different profiles, industry, property management and development, in addition to internal service areas like IT, accounting and wage production, provide many jobs in the country. We employ more than 28,800 employees in the business owned by NorgesGruppen and closer to 40,000 in total when the employees in franchises are included. Establishing a new medium-sized store generates about 30 new jobs.

For more information about NorgesGruppen, take a look at our annual report.