This is NorgesGruppen

We take new steps to make tomorrow’s retailing less expensive and better, give inspiration for good culinary experiences, and contribute to healthy, green choices.

Our vision is to provide you with a better everyday life. We work hard every day to make sure that the customers choose our stores every time. We shall therefore have the
most attractive selection of products, at the lowest possible price. We must make sure that our customers save time and money, have a good food experience, and
find it easier to make green and healthy choices.

Our ambitions is to be the customer´s first choice, competitiveness throughout the value chain and sustainable and climate-neutral.


  • 1,850 grocery stores in 88 per cent of Norway’s municipalities
  • 900 points of sale as retail convenience goods stores
  • 1,000 independent retailers
  • 40,000 employees representing 70 different nationalities
  • 1,200 business partners

For more information about NorgesGruppen, take a look at our annual report