Information about NorgesGruppen and ESG

We communicate openly and honestly about environmental, social and governance factors – so-called ESG factors – that are related to our business. The following is an overview of the ESG factors that are most important to NorgesGruppen.


NorgesGruppen has organised its work on sustainability in areas where we can make the greatest impact. Together, these areas cover the environmental, social and governance factors we believe to be essential to our business. We have set ambitious and specific goals, and we have been reporting openly and honestly since 2013 on our results in our Annual and Sustainability reports.

We have found that our financial stakeholders are becoming increasingly interested in information about ESG, namely information on environmental, social and governance issues related to our business.

This is information which we provide across our five areas of action. We have therefore provided you with a simple overview, for those of you who would like to know more about our approach to ESG. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

This is how we work on ESG factors:


-   NorgesGruppen aims to be climate-neutral in our operations

-   We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the environmental impact of our operations

-   We want to meet sustainability requirements throughout the value chain

-   We want to give our customers more green choices



We focus our efforts on:

-   Using renewable energies and phasing out fossil fuels

-   Streamlining energy use and increasing our share of renewable energy

-   Phasing out HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons)

-   Reducing food waste and using food waste for biogas and animal feed

-   Working with a circular economy and increasing sorting at source

-   Reducing plastic waste and increasing plastic recycling

-   Maintaining good animal welfare

-   Slowing down deforestation in the value chain

-   Promoting sustainable fishing and fish farming

-   Offering more environmentally friendly products

-   Inspiring our customers to eat a greener diet

-   Building eco-friendly stores with a smaller climate footprint


-   NorgesGruppen wants to offer proper jobs for everyone, including those not currently in employment

-   We want to achieve a better gender balance in our business

-   We want to prevent violations of employment rights and human rights in the value chain

-   We want to contribute to better public health by providing healthier products

-   We want to contribute to value creation in local areas and communities


We focus our efforts on:

-   Offering more apprenticeships and job training positions

-   Promoting diversity management and contributing to integration and language learning

-   Ensuring that suppliers have systems in place to prevent the violation of employee rights

-   Promoting a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, fish, wholemeal bread and healthy products

-   Reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat in the goods we sell

-   Helping retailers to create jobs across the country

-   Supporting and developing local food producers and Norwegian agriculture



-   The Board, owners and management of NorgesGruppen are strongly committed to the work of sustainability which is enshrined in our management principles

-   Specialist managers oversee each of the areas of sustainability

-   NorgesGruppen’s ethical guidelines for employees and suppliers and suppliers/partners

-   Alert system and zero tolerance to corruption

We focus our efforts on:

-   Adhering to the Group’s ethical guidelines at all levels of the organisation, and monitoring the supply chain

-   Preventing all forms of possible corruption

-   Ensuring that all businesses have or are associated with an alert scheme

-   Investing in environmental solutions, with lower requirements in terms of rates of return than other investments




NorgesGruppen wants to be notified of behavior in breach of the law or our ethical guidelines. We encourage you to speak up about concerns and report suspected or potential breaches of the law or our ethical guidelines for employees and union representatives or ethical guidelines for suppliers.

NorgesGruppen has established an external whistleblowing channel through an independent third party. You may choose to notify anonymously. The whistleblowing channel is open to everyone. To use the channel, click here.