Supplier to NorgesGruppen

NorgesGruppen has a close cooperation with Norwegian suppliers. We sell products from 1 120 different suppliers. Our purchasing department has one main focus: the most attractive product range for the best possible price.

NorgesGruppen has a position as market leader within retail, convenience and the professional markets. Moreover we demonstrate a proven record of long term contracts and a significant investment in growth.

Our retail chains are well known by the Norwegian consumer, and NorgesGruppen invests significant resources in securing knowledge and insight in our target markets and consumers. We pride ourselves on a high level of consumer understanding. Category development is a priority and we strongly believe that brands should be well represented in our stores. Each year we launch around 1500 new products in our stores, and we gladly welcome real innovation.

We hold annual central negotiations with around 200 suppliers. In addition, we have local and regional contracts with approximately 400 smaller suppliers.   This results in  a range in our stores which we believe meets and matches our customers’ needs and preferences. An average KIWI store lists around 4 000 products, whereas a large supermarket, for example MENY, has up to 20,000 products. Regardless of store size, turnover or range, all products are purchased centrally by NorgesGruppen’scentral purchasing department, ensuring that we achieve the most attractive product range for the best possible price, over the whole of Norway and always with our customers’ needs in focus.

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